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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Carol Fitzgerald Weighs in on the 20th Anniversary of USA Today’s Bestseller List

What 20 years of best sellers say about what we read
by Bob Minzesheimer and Anthony DeBarros

Blame or credit the digital age, says Carol Fitzgerald, founder of the Book Report Network of websites. "There is more and more targeted self-help information readily available online. With keystrokes people are pulling together the information that they typically would seek out in books," she says.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Carol Fitzgerald shares thoughts on Tom Clancy’s passing

Appreciation: Tom Clancy mastered the techno-thriller
by Bob Minzesheimer

"He interjected completely plausible --- but chilling --- scenarios into everyday settings," says Carol Fitzgerald, president of the Book Report Network, websites about books and authors. "Readers would always end up thinking, 'What if?'"

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Carol Fitzgerald on Scribd’s new subscription service

Scribd Book Service Adds HarperCollins Titles
by Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg

"If somebody wants the new Stephen King or John Grisham, and they can't get it, they'll go somewhere else," said Carol Fitzgerald, president of the Book Report Inc., a closely held company that operates a network of websites connecting books and readers. "Also, can't people do this through their local library and get whatever they want?"

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Carol Fitzgerald weighs in on the future of Barnes & Noble

What's future of Barnes & Noble after CEO exit?
by Bob Minzesheimer

July 10, 2013Carol Fitzgerald, founder of, says that before Borders collapsed, both chains faced similar issues: "Oversized stores and a shrinking of two categories, music and DVD videos." But B&N "was in a better cash position to weather the storm, which is how they survived."

She suggests that what B&N needs to do now is "what Borders started to do with their concept stores, but it was too late. It needs to quickly examine what the consumer really wants in stores…It has the space to create 'shops' in its stores for readers --- book group shops, YA (young-adult) shops. Think the first floor of Harrod's (the famed London department store) to make shopping there an experience. The warehouse approach needs to be redefined to be something fun."

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Publishers Weekly Coverage of the Children’s Book Council Forum on Social Networking where Carol Fitzgerald presented

YA Readers in the Age of Social Networking: A CBC Forum
by Matia Burnett

May 16, 2013 -  A Children’s Book Council forum drew a sizeable crowd to Scholastic’s downtown Manhattan headquarters on Tuesday, May 14, for a discussion called Engaging Relationships: How Kids & Teens Discover, Connect With, and Share Their Passions. One glance at the stage made it clear that this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill panel. Two of the speakers were just a few years younger than the other participants: they were two sisters, both YA bloggers from the Reading Teen blog – 12-year-old Reagan and 18-year-old Kit, who helped provide a multigenerational perspective on reading and writing within the context of social media.

Joining the bloggers were Rachel Fershleiser representing Tumblr, Ed Meagher of DOGO Books, Ashleigh Gardner from Wattpad, and Carol Fitzgerald from the Book Report Network. Charlie Schroder of Charlie & Co. moderated.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Carol Fitzgerald Weighs in on Novels about Women Behind the Famous Men

Novel ideas: The women behind the famous men
by Deirdre Donahue

11:46a.m. EST February 13, 2013 - Publishers are releasing a bonanza of new titles in the vein of 'The Paris Wife' and 'Loving Frank.'

Along with a big glass of wine and a few nibbles of cheese, women in book clubs these days crave a toothsome novel that triggers strong emotions and spirited debate.

And they're finding it in books that center on a famous 20th-century man — and the sometimes forgotten woman at his side. Through the magic of fiction, novelists are creating a prism that illuminates history and love, bringing these women back to life.

It's an approach that has produced some surprising hits, with more waiting in the wings hoping to make the same climb up the best-seller list.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Carol Fitzgerald comments on author book tours in Forbes

Book Tours: Hell or Helpful? Author's Snark Ignites Debate
by Craig Wilson

11:02a.m. EST January 24, 2013 - As First World Problems go, the awfulness of the author’s book tour is hardly a novel one.  Yet a recent column in Salon by “Go The F*** To Sleep” writer Adam Mansbach on the horror that is the under-attended bookstore appearance provoked a notably strong response, both among those who sympathized with his plight, or at least found his description of it worth a chuckle, and among those who were less than amused.

To the latter, many of whom work in the book industry, Mansbach displayed a lack of graciousness in mocking the resources being used to flog his book at a time when those resources are increasingly in short supply for other authors.

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